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DID Endorsements

October 23, 2014
Downtown Independent Democrats Endorse:

GOVERNOR:          Howie Hawkins
Lt. GOVERNOR:     Brian Jones

Since 1971, the D.I.D. has been committed to making the NY Democratic Party a vehicle for meaningful, progressive policy and empowering our communities. We remain committed to those goals and to the Democratic Party. However, our commitment to meaningful progressive policy makes it impossible for us to support the current Democratic nominee for governor.

Howie Hawkins & Brian Jones are aligned with the Democratic values we support and that are stated in our bylaws. Hawkins is the only candidate that has consistently called for a ban on hydrofracking. Hawkins' stances on the minimum wage, public education, single-payer healthcare, municipal taxes, clean energy and public transportation make him the only candidate New York progressives can support.

Furthermore, the Democratic nominee and incumbent governor has himself abandoned the Democratic Party by failing to support a Democratic State Senate and by forming a sham “ Women's Equality Party” to draw votes away from Democrats.

“Our progressive values give us no choice but to encourage our members to vote for Hawkins on the Green Party line” said D.I.D. President Jeanne Wilcke, “We look forward to working to bring the Democratic Party back to representing those values over the next four years.”

Downtown Independent Democrats also endorsed Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General, Thomas DiNapoli for State Comptroller, as well as candidates for State Senate and Assembly on the Democratic line.


August 28, 2014


GOVERNOR: Zephyr Teachout
LT. GOVERNOR: Timothy Wu

The Downtown Independent Democrats - unanimously - endorsed Zephyr Teachout for Governor and Timothy Wu for Lieutenant Governor.

Zephyr Teachout zeroes right in on issues of great concern to us: Fracking, government corruption, infrastructure investment, schools, natural resources, the business economy upstate & downstate.

Her legal and academic expertise are well suited to the job at this time in our history. She is an expert on political corruption and antitrust/big bank issues. She's clerked in the US Court of Appeals, was a director in Howard Dean's campaign, and was part of a foundation which focused on the role of money in politics and advocating for policy changes. She also hang glides. We like the whole package.

Timothy Wu has the attitude and forward voice to push NY State into the future. He believes in open democracy as well as an open internet. That works for us. His background is extraordinary, from antitrust issues to technology. He is the one who coined the term "net neutrality"! Timothy Wu is a forward-thinking policy maker, Harvard-educated lawyer, renowned author and fighter for the consumer.

"Zephyr" is a word for a breeze or a light wind. Along with Timothy Wu, we need this fresh air in our government.

See also District Leader Paul Newell's endorsement for governor:


Thursday May 29, 2014



Governor: No endorsement at this time

Lt. Governor: No endorsement at this time

Attorney General: Eric T. Schneiderman

Comptroller: Thomas P. Napoli

Senate 26th District: Daniel Squadron

Senate 27th District: Brad Hoylman

Assembly 65th District: Sheldon Silver

Assembly 66th District: Deborah Glick

Dem. Committee 65th AD – Male: John Quinn

Dem. Committee 65th AD – Female: No Endorsement

Dem. Committee 66th AD – Male: Alan Schulkin

Dem. Committee 66th AD – Female: Rachel Lavine

Civil Court Judge NY County: Louis L. Nock

Civil Court Judge NY County: Arlene Bluth (no contest)


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