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Manhattan Downtown Skyline

DID in The Press

After Squadron: They Want to Be Your New State Senator


Arcane process to pick Silver successor favors district leaders

Scoopy’s Notebook, May 5, 2016

D.I.D. endorses Paul Newell for Assembly

Vote for change; Vote Cude-Gault on Sept. 10

D.I.D. Exposes Election Fraud Scheme

Gigi Li ends campaign for leader, but denies petition fraud charges

Gigi Li Withdraws From District Leader Campaign

‘Mosque’ Dems calls for street to be renamed after slain officer - April 27, 2015

Unconventional Wharfare - Controversy Over North Cove Bidding Process Heats Up - Dec 22, 2014

Stay the Course - Influential Democratic Club Calls on BPCA and Elected Officials to Keep Fortenbaugh at North Cove - Dec 18, 2014

A Cuomo Opponent Tilting at Corruption

D.I.D. members blown away by Zephyr

Teachout Sticks to Core Themes in Campaigning

Zephyr Teachout Blows into Primary, Pressuring Cuomo on His Left

D.I.D. Refuses To Endorse Cuomo

Downtown Politicos Get a Workout at Spiffy N.Y.A.C.

D.I.D. Resolute Against N.Y.U. plan


The Club and Party Scene: V.I.D. and D.I.D. Celebrate


D.I.D. Does it up at La Mela

V.I.D., D.I.D. Hear from, and Support, incumbents


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